Episodes | Dad Without Borders

A podcast adventure that celebrates the messiness of Modern Day Dadding and the challenges of Long Distance Parenting.

A Canadian based Dad, a few years ago his eldest son moved overseas to the UK with his ex wife. Blue has remained positive and resilient. Parenting creatively he maintains a strong connection with his eldest son in the UK. Blue has remarried and has two younger sons in Canada that he is raising with his beloved wife while juggling an international blended family.

He is now using his podcast Dad Without Borders to shed light on the positive aspects of being a Dad on the shitty side of a break up with kids, while chatting to Dads about their challenges, all with a positive spin and professional feedback from his inner circle of professionals. Blue works to expose Dads as being often undervalued as an integral part of any child’s life as we move into a new era of fatherhood.

Dad stories, professional feedback and parenting advice all rolled into one.

E-mail: dadwithoutborders@gmail.com
Instagram: @dadwithoutborders
Twitter: @WEadventure