Dad Without Borders

Embark on a captivating podcast journey with Blue, the Modern Day Dad who not only celebrates the triumphs of underdogs in fatherhood but also embraces the complexities of an international blended family. In "Dad Without Borders," Blue navigates the chaos of lost custody and the challenges of Long Distance Parenting while sharing his remarkable story of an international blended family.

When Blue's oldest son moved to the UK with his ex-partner a few years ago, Blue stayed positive and resilient, finding creative ways to stay connected with his son. In a surprising turn of events, Blue took up skateboarding in his 40s to bond with his son overseas, giving them an activity to connect around and making their relationship stronger than ever.

In each episode of "Dad Without Borders," Blue engages in heartfelt conversations with other Dads who have faced their own unique challenges, celebrating their triumphs and offering valuable insights.

Drawing from his professional circle, Blue aims to highlight the often overlooked role of Dads in a child's life in this new era of fatherhood. He explores the profound impact fathers can have on their children while also embracing the joys and complexities that come with being a modern Dad.

"Dad Without Borders" is not just a podcast – it's a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the incredible bonds that can be forged within international blended families. Tune in and be inspired by the remarkable journey of a Dad who knows no boundaries.

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Twitter: @WEadventure